Introducing Enhance™ - Ad Monetization with OpenFL adapter

Enhance is the simplest way to implement and manage ads. It is technology we built for ourselves to efficiently manage SDK integration across the 2500 games in the FGL Mobile Platform. It has worked so well that now we are turning it into product and offering it to the rest of the market.

More information and a quick video is available here:

Currently its Android only but it does work on iOS and most options will be at feature parity in the near future.

Most of the focus now on the publicly available version is focused on ZeroCode SDK’s that can be added to your app without requiring an code integration. There is also a client adapter that lets you do more advanced integration. One of our bigger publishers is developing a slots game in OpenFL so we created an adapter for them. The full adapter lets you do A LOT of stuff, rewarded video value exchanges ($40+ CPM for US audience), cross promotion, anayalitc packages, etc. its basically a way to get access to all the other 3rd party SDKs that don’t provide an OpenFL compatible sdk.

The full adapter is pretty complex so its not available publicly but we do have a simple version anyone can use that lets you call interstitial ads. Available here:

On Wednesday, September 30th at 11am Pacific time you can catch the EnhanceLive show on Twitch:

Here is an overview of the process.
1.) Implement the adapter in your game and compile your APK.
2.) Upload to our console and select the options you want.
3.) We then inject the SDK’s into your APK along with a mediation system that we actively manage to ensure the best yield.
4.) Test & Publish your game.
5.) We will collect the revenues from all of the networks and send you a single payment.

When SDK’s need updates and we find additional partners we will email to let you know an improved APK is available. You would download that version, test again and republish. This lets your apps stay updated and using the best monetization tools available without you having to do any additional work.

Thanks for checking it out!

Adam Schroeder
Co-Founder and Head of Mobile Monetization