[Interactive Story] The Spiritual Transition - Introductions and the first title

Hello, everyone. I am starting a video game series called The Spiritual Transition, a very ambitious project covering at least twelve titles within the series. The titles will be interactive stories which you - as the player - will be able to interactive with. The following video is an introduction to the series and what it entails.

To put it briefly, The Spiritual Transition is a ritual designed to allow lower dimensions to communicate with higher dimensions. It was a concept introduced by the great whole, great consciousness - or God, if you will - billions of years ago, so that lower dimensional creatures may be offered spiritual guidance in seeking patience and tolerance. Of course, it is entirely up to the individual sub-consciousness if they wish to follow this path, but it is freely available to anyone.

The Palvean, our supposed masters - or to put in a better way, our soul family - will guide us in striving toward peace and harmony.

Of course, something’s going to go wrong at some point. As we can tell just by our own reality that leaders are corrupted by greed and intolerance of our population. The Spiritual Transition is a story based on these events, and I will be creating interactive stories starting from how we became corrupt and what our best option is. Each title in the series will represent a series of possible outcomes, but obviously not exactly as you would expect as I do not know what the future will unfold.

I will keep you updated on the progress of my first title, Fall of Atlantis. If you’re interested in the story, the video above is a good starting point as that introduces the main races.

Thank you for your interest.

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