Interactive login with extension-googleplaygames not working

I am using
and everything works fine, if my Google Play Game account is set to automatic login.

But if I set the account to “no automatic login” and offer a button for GPG login (calling login() from the extension) it does not work. As I have more accounts on the tablet I get afirst window to select the account. After that I get a white window and a spinning Google hourglass. Nothing happens. It ends up in an endloss loop.

Did someone had similar problems in the past? Or does anyone use this extension in a live app, offering an interactive Login to GPG, so I can test it with my tablet here?

I’m unfamiliar with the extension, though I’m curious, have you looked to see if the ADB log output gives you any useful information? Can you add trace messages within the extension to try and get more details about how far it gets and when it gets stuck (programmatically)?

The stuck is not inside the app, but in the the Google Games Sign In dialog (popup dialog). At least the extension does call it correct. Maybe it does not react correct on some callback from the popup. The ADB log is not a help. Everything works fine if the the Google Games account is set to auto login.
Nobody here, who uses the extension?