IntelliJ ApplicationMain.hx problem

Using IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition 2016/3 with the haxe plugin on Ubuntu.

Currently selecting OpenFl in Project Structure and trying to compile anything throws out two errors in the ApplicationMain.hx


Error:(209, 25) Too many arguments [ this line: new DocumentClass (cast current); ]
Error:(148,3) Called from macro here [ this line: ApplicationMain.getEntryPoint ();]

Someone also getting this ? I don’t even know what is happening. If I have it set to haxe on Project Structure it works ok, moment I select OpenFl it puts these errors out.

Does it build okay from the command-line?

Maybe something changed and the haxe plugin for IntelliJ can’t handle it now.
It does have two options, one for Haxe and one for OpenFl under Project Structure.
The Haxe one is working, OpenFl is throwing.

After updating to openfl 4.9.1, lime 4.0.1, hxcpp 3.4.64, IntelliJ just resumed working as it used to.
Didn’t actually managed to track the transient conditions that made it bork, but build doesn’t complain at all now and everything is working.

Happened to me when openfl was included after lime in project.xml

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