Integrating dropbox sdk in TVOS

Hello everyone!
i am currently working on a tvos app and i have integrated dropbox in it.The problem occurs when i am trying to archive my project it says to me : “building for tvOS, but linking in object file built for iOS, file ‘/Users/apple/Desktop/Flatbox_TVOS/DropboxSDK.framework/DropboxSDK’ for architecture arm64”. now can anyone help me out with this please?

It looks like Dropbox’s framework is built for iOS, and this is an error now (since the beta) when targeting tvOS in Xcode.

I found more information here:

A recommendation was to use the Dropbox sources, without using the prebuilt .framework file:

…and since there is no way to enter a user name and password in a WebKit instance like the normal SDK (there is no WebKit, and the UI isn’t usable on tvOS, it seems) they recommend using the OAuth flow, like this: