Install specific Haxe version under linux (easily)?

Hi there.

I’m trying to build a Linux version of my application, but require 4.0.5 for my project specifically (adjusting this is out of scope, not an option, I need 4.0.5).

I’ve spun up a virtual Ubuntu instance, however only the latest stable version is available using apt-get.

The downloads page for Haxe lists binaries but I’ve no idea how to use them, and I’ve found a bunch of forum posts about juggling versions that go WAY over my head. Is there a simple way to install a specific version of Haxe on a fresh Linux machine? I’m using it for nothing else, I just need to build a project on 4.0.5 and I’m done.



You need to install neko (sudo apt install neko should work) and then just unpack haxe binaries anywhere and add Haxe directory to $PATH.

deb can be installed

Hi Dan,

lix package manager allows to lock and version your project haxe/neko/libs to specific versions.

It keeps track of dependencies and allows to share and build projects months or years later, while not messing up other projects dependencies or you global haxe install.

In project directory :

$ lix scope create
created scope in ~/projects/lix-old-haxe-version-test
$ lix use haxe 4.0.5
$ haxe --version

Really worth the time testing, it brings a lot of robustness.