"inject" into AndroidManifest


I want the screen to be kept on while my android game runs. According to the last post here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5712849/how-do-i-keep-the-screen-on-in-my-app I have to put android:keepScreenOn=“true” into the main activity.

Can I somehow do that form my project.xml? Or somewhere else?


It depends. Maybe you don’t need this at all.
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Hey, thanks for the link. I am aware of that thread and the only solution there is, to lower the SDK version which I do not want to do.

Currently, I think the best solution is to make a template for it, replacing the file entirely. It’ll work, but the drawback is that you’ll have to update that file manually from then on.

I believe Flambe allows you to “inject” lines; maybe it’s worth looking at their implementation for a future version of OpenFL.

If you create an extension for Android, it allows multiple AndroidManifest.xml files to be merged together