Inexperienced User in dire need of help!

I am a student of game design and I am not specializing in programming but I have to do an assignment for haxe and I would love if someone can help me with it! The assignment is recreating the game of set ( in haxe/openFl (not flixl sadly) Anyone willing to help out? Thanks in advance! You can see the specifics of the assignment here
and here

what type of game do you want to make?

click the link, that is the game, its a board game with cards a more complicated memory game really

no game there, send the right linkl

or send a video with the game in action

sorry I thought I had the right link, I also have a pdf that explains the game and the exact requirements of the assignment if you wanna take a look

As a start, you may want to create images for the types of cards you will support, then you can take a look at same basic samples to get a feel for how you might begin bringing this into an OpenFL project.

For example, the “DisplayingABitmap” sample is a simple illustration of how to load a PNG or JPG image, and display it on-screen:

(open a command-prompt or terminal, change to a good directory, then run the following commands)

openfl create DisplayingABitmap
cd DisplayingABitmap
openfl test neko

You can set the .x, .y, .alpha or other values on the bitmap object to move it around the screen. To support dragging, you can use the .startDrag() and .stopDrag() functions, or take a look at the “HandlingMouseEvents” sample for another way to do it

openfl create HandlingMouseEvents
cd HandlingMouseEvents
openfl test neko

That sample also shows some use of Actuate, which is a “tween” library for animations. It’s very valuable for creating smooth animation

There are also methods of integrating with Adobe Animate, so you could create a layout visually in Animate, then have that available immediately within OpenFL, but the above may be a better place to start if you’re very new, and please feel free to ask questions if there’s anything you’re wondering about :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, where do you study, that gives you an assignment in Haxe?

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