Incorrect asset received in Assets.getText in HTML5 build


I have a project that has grown large, to about 200 files; some of the files have similar names (for example, layouts.xml, layouts_1Lane1Cod.xml, layouts_1Lane1Cod_el.xml);
When I’m running in Flash target, I’m receiving correct resources; but when I’m running in HTML5, even I request for file layouts_1Lane1Cod_el.xml I’m receiving layouts.xml instead.
This issue is happening on OpenFL 8.9.1 and Lime 7.5.0, and also on latest builds, OpenFL 8.9.5 and Lime 7.6.3.
Also, this issue isn’t happening on the same project with about 180 file, which is very weird.


does it occur if you perform a -clean build?


I’ve made another project with the same assets and the issue didn’t occur.
After that, I’ve deleted the bin folder (I’m working in FlashDevelop) and a fresh rebuild gave me the correct resources.
So, probably also the -clean build can do the trick.