In a fantasy world, the Quaxe project should be part of openFL

I know those two are different animals, but I keep thinking the two are amazingly complimentary. I can dream, can I ?

Have a look at the webview exemple generated by Daniel Glazman on
He uses a modifed waxe build to achieve this.
Now wouldn’t that make a great add-on to the OpenFL ecosystem.

Besides OpenFl, Quaxe is amongst the most promising “built with haXe” technology I have witnessed.

Anyone else with me on this ?
Joshua have you seen this ?

IMHO, Quaxe is going to get major traction.


I did not realize that quaxe was using a modified version of waxe to get the proof-of-concept. And you may know, NME has been compatible with waxe for a long time.

I think that if it continues to improve, Lime compatibility with wxWidgets could be great. This would seamlessly allow for a standard SDL2 window, or a wxWidget-based window, to allow for further desktop UI customization. There are plans for a Lime “module” system, which could help allow for the flexibility of embedding Lime applications inside of other applications, and mix-and-matching the technology you use (native wrapper + webview, native wrapper + native render code, etc, etc)

At the moment, I’m just keeping my ears open to how things progress over time, but if someone wants to dig deeper, integration at this point might not be hard and I would be glad to provide pointers :slight_smile:

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Yep I was thinking a module system for mix-matching technologies would be great too.
Migrating the plugin architecture mentality from runtime interpretation to compile time generation is definitely promising too.


Will look into what it would take in order to streamline quaxe built apps and widgets with openfl projects.
Thx a mil for openFl again.

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