Improvement with native binding

Hello everyone, sorry i am back and I have developed X11 on Haxe.

We are using WASM, desktop- and mobile-runtime.

I expect we never use Flash Player and we just use Webassembly.
OpenFl ← Core for Bitmap,Tilemap, Sprite and more …
OpenFl.X11 for backend of Linux and FreeBSD
OpenFl.Win32 for backend for Windows
OpenFl.Cocoa for backend for macOS
OpenFl.WASM for Webassembly
OpenFl.Android for Android devices
OpenFl.ios for iPhone and iPad devices
and more

I resolve my idea with X11 under Linux. (Ubuntu 22.04)

We would like to replace cairo with blend2d because blend2D has more features then cairo that is why cairo seems dead and is not longer supported cause sometimes functions are unusably.

If we want runtime selector for GLFW3(GLFM for mobile and web assembly) and SDL2 and native api.

And we can use OpenGL ES 3.2 ( whatever we can use webassembly, mobile and desktop )
If you want use backend of Vulkan.

Stay healty and safe!