Improved Support for Starling

We are proud to announce that a new version of Starling 1.8 has been released on Haxelib!

This release was made possible by the work of Pete Shand and the “haxeling” project, and major improvements to core OpenFL support for Stage3D APIs, contributed by Zynga, vroad and other members of the OpenFL team.

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Well the demo doesn’t work for me, either in flash ( crash ) or html5 ( loader stuck at 75% )

Does it work for you in the original post? (Theres an embed there) What versions of OpenFL, Lime and Starling do you have installed?

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Ha! Yes the demo you linked here works indeed. Something must be wrong with me!..

I have OpenFL 4.3.1, Lime 3.3.0 and Starling 1.8.0 as it seems on haxelib

This is awesome news Joshua. Thanks for all your work on this, Starling is a great framework to work with and I’ve really missed it whenever developing in Haxe.