Image Loading From Byte Array

Hi , So In my facebook container game I download one zip file. In zip we have lots of images and to get image from byte array it convert all into data url to get image instance . So because of data url request loading time increase . I just want to convert byte array to image instance directly not from data url . Or any other better solution is most welcome.

Are you using BitmapData.loadFromBytes? I think we have gotten speed improvements in the implementation in 8.9.2

Hi , First of all I want to load image synchronously in HTML 5 and in openfl 8.9.2 also BitmapData.fromBytes return null .

Loading an image in HTML5 is asynchronous by nature

We used to allow BitmapData.fromBytes on HTML5 but the BitmapData was broken until it loaded in the background – which was bad for anything that needed to get the width, height or modify pixels right away

You can use a Loader instance if you want a simple bitmap that will load in when ready