If I use npm for openfl, will haxe install in each node_modules folder?

I see some support of haxe for npm.
However I have experienced that npm creates node_modules folder in each project. And that contains the framework folders.
Does that mean if I use npm for haxe, and package.json mentions haxe, neko etc and dependencies, they will be installed in each project inside node_modules folder?

My concern is that this folder itself is too big and takes up much space on harddisk.

Right now I am not using npm and haxe is globally installed so it’s not an issue.


I tried using npm from here:

And as I guessed node_modules folder is 212MB in size. That won’t be practical to be used in every project folder. Maybe there is a way to use single node_modules folder in all projects.

However now my question is - What happened to project.xml ? How would I use it while using npm?