I'd like to do a 3D game-exercise using the accelerometer. Framework suggestions?

As an exercise, I’d like to do a simple 3D game (self-learning exercise …) which uses the accelerometer to let you “spin and turn” the 3D objects in the frame. I’d also like to use simple 3D physics to let the objects bounce off one another. I’d use Blender3D to make the assets.

And, once again, I’m prowling around the Internet, looking both for suggestions of what game-framework to use with OpenFL, and for “big dummy’s guide” examples where someone out there has done something similar and can “show me the way.” (Assume thorough knowledge of programming, but give a well-rounded illustration of how to go about doing such a thing so that I’m not completely “stumbling in the dark.”)

For 3D with openfl you can use the stage3d api, or higher level away3d https://github.com/away3d/away3d-core-openfl http://away3d.com/

For the accelerometer there’s this http://docs.openfl.org/openfl/sensors/Accelerometer.html

And for 3D physics there’s a couple of alternatives https://github.com/ukpaul/cannon.hx https://github.com/floppya/haxe-ammo.js https://code.google.com/p/wow-engine-haxe/

Okay, and has anyone out there already incorporated these things into a framework such that I can concentrate on what makes “my” game unique? Recommends?

If you want to work in OpenFL, you need to get used to working with multiple libraries. If you want it all bundled together with plenty of tutorials, use Unity.

There are a number of frameworks compatible with OpenFL, but these are all (pretty much) 2D frameworks. You could use something like Away3D, which gives you a renderer framework, but not a game framework, if that’s what you’re looking for. It’s common, though, to mix multiple libraries (like your favorite physics library, render library (if necessary), pieces for game logic, etc)

Pointers to all such things would be great – engines in-progress, or games in source-form that have already done any of this. Happy to be among the first, and, happy to share lessons-learned.

I’m simply trying to “learn as many lessons” as I can, before enrolling in the school of hard knocks on this one. :slight_smile:

3D hasn’t been much done in haxe though, there’s a couple of engine in development but nothing as complete as some 2D engines like haxeflixel or haxepunk.

So I’m afraid you’ll either have to manually put together 3D rendering, 3D physics… together or wait for one of these projects to finish.

Maybe BabylonHx ?

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Definitely looks interesting. Bemused to find that the BabylonJS “new” documentation wiki seems to have no content in it at all! :slight_smile:

So, is BabylonHX still the best OpenFL candidate for such an undertaking?

In looking over their documentation, I see that several 3D engines can be associated with the JS framework. In my case, it looks like I would need to use “Oimo” for its “mesh” collider because I must be able to detect interactions between meshes as well as interactions between laser-beams and meshes.

Anyone want to warn me that I’m looking at an out-of-date tree?