I started some new documentation for project XML, please help

Like the title says, I’ve started a revamp of the xml project settings page:

I’ve added what I’ve discerned are some missing tags. I’ve filled in some according to my own knowledge. Please review this and send me a pull request to fill in what’s missing. Once it’s done I will send this as a pull request to the main documentation site.

In particular, I have nothing for the following tags:

  • echo
  • error
  • language
  • launchImage
  • launchStoryboard
  • log
  • module
  • output
  • postbuild
  • prebuild
  • preloader
  • sample
  • ssl
  • target
  • templatePath
  • unset
  • undefine

One thing to note: in GitHub it displays a nice expanding interface for the glossary using <details> and <summary> tags. I am not sure if the Lime docs site supports that. Open to suggestions.


Cue the crickets. Chirp chirp chirp.

i’ll try to help you with those tags

Thanks Alexander! That would be a big help.

Here is my Pull Request: https://github.com/ConfidantCommunications/lime.software/pull/1/

While you guys are at it, any interest in creating an XML schema for project.xml to have auto completion in VSCode? :slight_smile: https://github.com/haxelime/lime-vscode-extension/issues/55

That’s interesting idea! i might try, though i don’t use VSCode

Merged! @singmajesty please review the pull request.

@Gama11 I’m done for now but that’s a good idea.

I’ve merged the changes but it appears to be broken

Help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Can do; I was afraid that might happen. I guess I will edit out the expanding part and do another pull request.

Okay please review the latest pull request.

Okay that looks better

I’m not sure if it’s best to remove the <> from the titles for each tag, though? Open to other opinions

I considered that; IMHO as long as we have the example code under each, this way looks cleanest.