HXP Project file processing blocking bug in Lime 7.5.0

Hi everybody,

besides that the documentation for HXP project file is not consistent with the reality (package names, fields), in version 7.5.0 it’s been broken at all.

Called from lime/_internal/backend/native/NativeCFFI.hx line 605
Called from lime/system/CFFI.hx line 172
Called from lime/system/CFFI.hx line 306
Uncaught exception - Could not find NekoAPI interface.

Downgrading to 7.3.0 solves the problem.

Thank you for your help in reporting this

I made some updates to the documentation which I think should help:

I see also that there are problems we cannot resolve without fixes to Haxelib from moving our “ndll” directory to “lib”

I have reverted the change in the dev version of Lime and you can duplicate your “lime/lib” directory into “lime/ndll” to help with another version in the meantime