[HTML5] What about JPEG XR / 2000?

today I read that Safari supports Jpeg2k and my eyes popped out of my head: “Finally I have found a way to bypass missing WEBp in iOS!” I thought… but it looks like JPEG2k is not supported, as my application freezes when reading one.
What @%# kind of format can I use in iOS to have alpha channel and a compression level similar to jpeg? The separate alpha channel has become a big hassle for me, and it is a big problem for applications startup.

Neither is supported in OpenFL specifically but here’s the support table:


JPEG + an alpha PNG is the best solution I know of so far that works reasonably cross-target but I’m listening if there’s another suggested way

Ok, I will forget about JPEG-XR, but JPEG2k looks THE perfect choice for Safari.

To reach JPEG/WEBp size with PNG I have to destroy the spritesheets or reduce a lot the number of sprites for animations :expressionless:

For a few years we have adopted the JPEG + separate ALPHA solution, but recently Lime/Openfl and the browser have been updated and this approach has become more problematic at startup, forcing us to disable a game and crop graphics down in others.