[HTML5 - WebGL - Lime 5.5.0 - OpenFl 6.1.1] Wrong alpha with SWF resources [SOLVED in Openfl 6.1.2]

I am just upgraded to the new libs and am experiencing a problem with alpha channel of bitmaps coming from an SWF:
before the upgrade the result was this

after upgrade I have this

The original image is a MovieClip set to render as a bitmap from the Flash IDE, but the initial image doesn’t use any kind of alpha channel for the red and black areas, I wonder why the SWF “exploder” is now generating a bitmap with those pixels invisible.

In the changelog I have seen a few lines regarding alpha channel, I think something didn’t go as expected…

我也遇到了相同问题,在更新到openfl 6.1.1之后,我发现来自swf里的bitmap无法正常显示,其某个颜色的通道渲染出现了问题。
正常(6.1.0 html5):
bitmap 出现问题(6.1.1 html5 ):
:joy: 这个bug是真的严重了,希望能尽快修复下。

Noticed this an hour ago, hope to have a fix ready soon :slight_smile:

Sorry for the trouble

This was caused by improvements to endian handling within BitmapData, which was not caught since our SWF tools cache the results by default, so it wasn’t apparent right away :slight_smile:

This resolves the problem here locally. Would any of you mind trying these changes in your local install, and see if it fixes all of the error cases you are testing as well? You will need to openfl rebuild tools after making the change (or pulling the latest)

OpenFL 6.1.2 has been released with this fix, please let us know if you see more regressions

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Thank you Joshua! :wink:

Now it looks correct.