[HTML5 - WebGL - Lime 5.4.0 - OpenFl 6.1.0] TextField hidden size

I am experiencing a strange behavior with textfields: if I add them to a MovieClip/Sprite the resulting width and height of this container does not correspond to the effective visible graphics. I tried to draw the rectangles of the textfields (by getRect and drawing it), and they are correct.

In my case there is something invisible that increases the size of the MovieClip of about 150px in width and 12.5px in height.
If I measure the size before adding the textfields the size is correct.
Is this a known problem? I think I read something similar in the past.

How can I find what the problem is?

So the logical height/width is correct, but it renders improperly? Is it scaled?


Well no, wait, I have an empty MovieClip, I add a few items to it and then call a function that automatically detects the width and height of the MovieClip and draws a RoundRect around it: the items form a rectangular panel with lines and texts, but the border that should run exactly around it is larger and higher than the effective panel, nothing is scaled.

The width and height of the MovieClip are bigger than they should be, even if I see the panel correctly.

I can’t run the project here, but I have recreated a simple image to show how it looks

Would it be possible to share some sample code that shows the problem? Sorry to ask you to do extra work, but that would be super helpful for digging into this :slight_smile: Thanks!

Yes, I know, but it is not very easy to extract a sample (because of time, I do this at work :wink:). I always put a sample code when possible, I will try to extract something for this too.

Do you have textField.autoSize enabled?

If not, are you certain that textField.width is correct?

Yes, autosize is enabled.