HTML5, Tilesheet, drawing to negative coordinates


So, I’m trying to switch my target from flash to html5 for my game.
And so far, I get good results.
I’m impressed because this conversion didn’t work out well for any of my previous projects.

I just see one issue.
When using tilesheet.draw, drawing to negative coordinates doesn’t seem to work in html5.
It works just fine when targeting flash or windows.

It’s not a big issue, I abvioulsy know how to work around the issue, but I want to know if it’s worst it.
Is there any chance this difference might be fixed soon?


Does it draw to the wrong place, or does it clip the results at (0, 0)?

@Horsetopus, Can you try this patch?

Hi, sorry, I didn’t check this weekend.
@singmajesty it clips
@restorer it works just fine, thank you.

I am working on a TileMap API that I think will help clear up the problems we have had with drawTiles