[html5] Textfield with DropShadow Rendering problems

Hey there !

I just notice a problem using a Textfield with a DropShadow Filters made with Flash CS6.0. (We transform the
.swf to .bundle)

On html5 target, on a resize, the Textfield don’t Refresh correctly, and made… hum… artefact or “copy of himself” :

The used font is correctly embed and render (even on rescale) on TextField who not use DropShadow filter.

is it a know issues ? Any solutions/suggestion to resolve this problem ?

for for help :slight_smile:

What version of OpenFL and Lime are you using?

Lime 6.4.0
openFL 8.3.0

Test on last version of Mozilla firefox

Sorry, I forget to specify this on my first post :sweat_smile: