HTML5 target display object get_width / height broken

I have tracked this issue to openfl 3.1.2 specifically. When doing a simple check while dragging an object around the screen to detect if it leaves an area, I noticed the object was no longer updating its position (immediately after updating to openfl 3.1.2 from 3.1.1).

Further investigation shows that if myObj.width (or height) is called anywhere (even in a trace) that object fails to update its position. Refer to this simplified example.

//called every frame
myObj.x = mouseX; //update obj x coord to track mouse x

if( myObj.x - myObj.width < 0 ) //offscreen left
{ //do something }

Simply calling myObj.width (even inside a trace) causes myObj to fail to update its x position, so it stops dragging altogether if width is ever called on it.

PS - is there a bug database that would be more helpful to post these sorts of issues to?

UPDATE This topic has been moved to github issues

The best place to post bugs is the github issues:

And for lime:

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Fixed, thank you! :slight_smile: