[html5] stop sound

Sometimes on desktop html5, and more particularly on mobile, sounds don’t stop.

Am I doing right?

soundChannel = null;

or is there a known bug? (with howler?)

Also, sometimes when I play a sound, the sound seems played with a robot effect.

It might be worth substituting a different/newer Howler release, to see if it makes a difference

ok I’ll try to use a newer version of howler.

Also, for information, I’m not loading sound during preloading but only when needed like that.

snd.addEventListener (Event.COMPLETE, onSoundLoaded);
snd.load (new URLRequest (AUDIO + name + '.mp3'));

I’ve found a known problem with stopping sound on howler while loading it but I’m sure that my sound is loaded. Unless, openfl or howler streams the sound?

On HTML5, we return a sound once Howler gives it to us. It’s possible it might still be buffering at that point, I’m not sure?