[HTML5] Sounds & music not getting PAKed

	<library id="sounds" type="pak" preload="false"/>
	<assets path="assets/sounds" library="sounds" />

When packing resources for HTML5 all sound files (wav, ogg & mp3) are ignored. Is there a way to pak them just like graphics somehow?

We use Howler.js, which has its own way of loading assets. It’s probably not impossible to make it work off of embedded bytes instead, but just isn’t how our audio is designed at the moment. Does the size of the PAK file increase when you try and include sounds? Does it generate at all? What happens if you remove the preload attribute? Thanks :smile:

When sounds are included, they are copied to bin/assets, and the PAK size remains 0, even without preload attribute.

Considering that fonts aren’t packed either, we decided to load the assets file by file. :sleepy: