HTML5 SoundChannel.stop not working

I have a background music in my game, so I need it to stop when game lose focus.
I do musicChan.stop();, but music keeps playing, and just get more quite.
Works fine on native and flash.
Any help with that?

Does .stop () work if you use it at any other time (other than when focus is lost?) Perhaps this is an issue with timing?

Nope, still not working.
I’ve made a sample project, both for sound and preloader: Customize preloader html5 : different background image?

I had faced this issue before.
I could solve it only by making volume 0

Yep, after trying different approaches and trying to find the problem (looks like something with howler.js library), I ended up setting music volume to 0.
Thank you for solution, let’s hope the problem will be fixed eventually.