[HTML5] Sound problems in Internet Explorer 11

I am experiencing a problem when running our games in Internet Explorer 11: I don’t know how old the problem is, as I never test the games in IE11.
The problem is related to howler, and specifically to its function seek: it looks like the function seek crashes the application if it is called for a sound file that is already playing.

Practically I am playing soundX a second time before it is completed, and the result is this:

Called from .__handleError (https://xxx.js?v=172310 line 68250)
Called from .render (https://xxx.js?v=172310 line 68155)
Called from .f (https://xxx.js?v=172310 line 135780)
Called from .tmp (https://xxx.js?v=172310 line 67551)
Called from module at lime_app__$Event_$Void_$Void.prototype.dispatch (https://xxx.js?v=172310:17058:4)
Called from module at lime__$backend_html5_HTML5Application.prototype.handleApplicationEvent (https://xxx.js?v=172310:642:5)
Called from .f (xxx.js?v=172310 line 135780)
SCRIPT5022: InvalidStateError

Digging in the code I reached function seek, as I said above: what happens inside is a mistery :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If I try to play different sounds everything work ok.
I temporarily commented the call to seek and the games don’t crash anymore, but I think I can’t decide the starting point of the sounds now, right?.

Could you try using version 2.0.5 instead of ours (which is 2.0.4) and see if it helps?

You can replace our copy inside the Lime “dependencies” folder

it seems that this forum needs a more enforced way to notify users of the answers they received :wink:
it’s frustrating not having their feedback

I have tried the current last howler version (2.0.9), but it doesn’t seem to solve the problem

You should also look and see if there is an open pull request against the project, there might be a fix floating around?