[html5] roll_over behavior on mobile browser


I just wanna check something. On mobile browser, if I add a ROLL_OVER on a clickable displayObject, I need to tap 2 times with my fingers to dispatch the CLICK event. On first tap, only the ROLL_OVER event is dispatched. Is it an intended behavior? It would mean that I need to avoid using ROLL_OVER by myselft on mobile browser using browser sniffing because I think it’s annoying for mobile users to tap 2 times.

I’m not sure how ROLL_OVER works with touch events, usually this would be passive (on MOUSE_MOVE) using a mouse. The CLICK event should occur if you touch and release, but only if the same object received focus for both events. I’m not sure if your roll over behavior is affecting this?

Perhaps mouseChildren = false on the parent container, so that whether your roll over graphic appears or not, the parent object still dispatches a CLICK event, would be suitable?