HTML5: play streaming sound

Hello. I want to load and play music files asynchronously in my app. Is it possible?

I have next section in project.xml:

<assets path="Assets/sounds/music" rename="assets/music" type="music" embed="false" include="*.mp3" />

And i load and play music like that:

Assets.loadSound(path, false).onComplete(onMusicLoaded);
function onMusicLoaded(sound:Sound) {
	_channel =, 1000000, soundTransform);

It works well, but player should wait while whole file will be loaded.

I tried to load sound asynchronously directly with Sound instance:

var sound:Sound = new Sound();
var req:URLRequest = new URLRequest(path);
var context:SoundLoaderContext = new SoundLoaderContext(1000, false);
sound.load(req, context);

But it didn’t work…

You could try this pull request:

…or maybe there is a good way to do streaming audio with howler.js

Yeah, good idea! I’ve done it with howler.js api :blush:

Would you mind sharing some of your code, to know how you implemented it? May come in handy with wiring official support in

Thanks :slight_smile:

Briefly, i just created 3 methods in my js GameAPI for working with background streaming music:

(function(scope) {
  'use strict';
  var sounds = {};

  var STOP_DURATION = 1000;
  var PAUSE_DURATION = 500;

  scope.GameAPI = {
    // create, load and play new music or unpause existing sound
    playMusic: function(url, volume) {
      var sound;

      if (sounds[url]) {
        sound = sounds[url];
        sound.fade(0, volume, PAUSE_DURATION);
      } else {
        sound = new Howl({
          src: [url],
          html5: true,
          loop: true
        sound.fade(0, volume, STOP_DURATION);
        sounds[url] = sound;
    // pause current track
    pauseMusic: function(url) {
      if (!sounds[url]) {

      var sound = sounds[url];

      sound.once('fade', function() {
      sound.fade(sound.volume(), 0, PAUSE_DURATION);
    // fade, stop and dispose existing music
    stopMusic: function(url) {
      if (!sounds[url]) {

      var sound = sounds[url];

      sound.once('fade', function() {
      sound.fade(sound.volume(), 0, STOP_DURATION);

      delete sounds[url];
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