HTML5 performance too slow in the latest versions

Hello everybody! Long time I was using OpenFL version 3.3.1, until today, when I’ve tried to move more than 25 tileSheet pieces on stage and it was very slow. I was confused, because for my friend who uses version 2.2.8 not a problem to move up to 100 pieces. I’ve tried to upgrade all software to the latest versions and it also didn’t help. So I’ve tried an option to move to 2.2.8 version and I was very surprised when html5 target started to work extremely fast with tileSheet renderer. Is to possible to make work the same more latest versions or maybe see such performance in the future updates?

I’m curious, have you tried Tilemap? This is designed to work much better on canvas than drawTiles

Hello SingMajesty! Yes we have tried TileMap and its performance is very impressive. If there will be more properties available it would be definitely the number one choice…

The dev version has more properties, and performs much better with WebGL running too :wink:

Super! I see, we only tested a version that goes with the latest OpenFL. Looks like it has almost everything needed. Is there any way to manipulate an alpha too?

Not yet, but that’s planned, just need to rewrite our shader a bit first :slight_smile: