HTML5 performance issue when setting visible to true of display object with big bitmap

Hi. I can cleary notice lag (even in desktop browser, not only mobile) when I change visibility of big display object to true. I guess it is related to cpu usage.
Is there a work around?

I can see in browser console, that “Image Decode” takes to much time. Is it possible to avoid it?

Tha hackish way to improve performance in this case is to move display objects out of stage bounds, instead of changing visibility.

How big are we talking here?

If you are using bitmap textures there is the big bad 2048 size that above that you might fail on certain devices. (for good measure I keep things under 1024 whenever possible).

Also another solution would be to remove from the parent/stage instead of setting visible to false.

2048x1798, but scaled 2x in movie clip (I am usnig swf assets)