[HTML5 - Openfl 8.9.1 - Lime 7.5.0] TextFormat align JUSTIFY problem

did anyone notice a regression with text format align JUSTIFY?

If I set it on some texts and draw them on a BitmapData I have problems detecting the Rect with getColorBoundsRect: it looks like the text does not appear in the BitmapData.
This looks a lot like a problem that affected the old Lime-Openfl versions, where in certain conditions the texts appeared incomplete/cut.

Replacing JUSTIFY with CENTER it works correctly.

Do you have any issues when rendering? Is it only getColorBoundsRect that appears off?

getColorBoundsRect returns a Rect with values 0, 0, 0, 0.
I didn’t test the rendering, because the empty Rect was enough for me to say that the pixels are all of the same color = the textfield is empty/not visible at all.

I will try to do a test setting a different/longer text and changing alignment, but I think it won’t be so immediate…

If you mean rendering in general we can talk about it, there are some other issues not related to textfields, but I wouldn’t be able to tell when they appeared.