[HTML5 on Android] fps drops during some time with loseless setting of swf images

I noticed some wierd issue.
FPS drops after some time (from 60 to 30) and doesn’t restore.
It happens if I use pure pngs or swf bundle with loseless setting in flash.
If I use compression of pngs in flash (2 jpgs generates for each image), then performance is fine.
Do you know what might cause this issue and how to resolve it?

I read some stuff about SDL. May be it’s related to it?


Could it be related to the amount of memory used by the application?

No. There are no memory issues. Could it be related to png format?

This seems interesting:

Perhaps the issue is related to memory / garbage collection but I’m not suggesting this is strictly a problem for the user – there could be something in the changes within OpenFL which affects these times. We do have pooling in places we did not before but perhaps there are still “hot spots” or areas where we are creating new objects each frame that need to be collected

Looks like it happens when allowHighDpi is true