Html5/NME target Video ( RenderSession not Found )

C:/HaxeToolkit/haxe/lib/openfl/2,1,6/openfl/media/Video.hx:93: lines 93-154 : Class not found : RenderSession

Does this fix it?

import openfl._internal.renderer.RenderSession;

Hey everyone,

I apologize, it seems the Video class was broken in the move to the “next” codebase. It’s compiling now on HTML5, though I don’t have time to test fully if it’s properly working properly there, still.

There is no video support on other targets (other than Flash, of course). I would love to see support in mobile, though I think that will be done using the StageVideo API, as video below the project is much more viable than mixed within the display list. I have never been sure what good options exist for the desktop, since video is a potentially big topic, and cross-platform support is important.

I guarded the classes so it should compile with the other targets as well, though it will not be functional.

+1 for video support. Since it’s such a hard problem to solve, maybe the best thing to do is start with a single video format and spike out how to get it to work across all platforms. I think some of us (like me) would be okay with “yes video works but you need to make it this format/specification,” at least to start.