HTML5: MovieClip gotoAndStop not updating alpha correctly


I load load a popup (MovieClip) with a Button (MovieClip) from a swf file. The button MovieClip contains a background Shape and a MovieClip with a Textfield. To make the button behave correctly, I have 4 listeners for MOUSE_UP, MOUSE_OVER, MOUSE_DOWN and MOUSE_OUT that trigger gotoAndStop() on the button with the appropriate frames _up, _over and _down.

On the _down frame, the inner MovieClip with the Textfield is set to alpha = 0 (in Animate with Color Effect: Style). The alpha is not correctly set back to the initial value of 1 once I call other frame labels, meaning once I trigger the down state, the Textfield will stay invisible and not come back whatever I do.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? The behavior is correct on a Flash target.

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I assume there is a bug that the MovieClip relies on the previous frame for checking neccessary updates for the children instead of the current frame and it fails if there is no previous frame, or something like that.

Yeah, it sounds like it. Does it look correct if you play() instead of gotoAndStop?

Yes play() works correctly, the frames also show correct if I don’t call anything in the beginning (i.e. when the MovieClips plays by default). Is there any chance this bug could get some love? :slight_smile:

A lot of MovieClip work is ongoing, I’ll see what can happen :slight_smile:

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