[HTML5] Mobile Numeric Keyboard

Hi guys.

There is a script for set the mobile keyboard to show only numbers after have selected an input text?

Thanks a lot.

@Romiar does http://docs.openfl.org/openfl/text/TextField.html#restrict work?

Should be something like textInput.restrict = "0-9";

Do you mean the display, or the input keyboard?

I have dug deeply into keyboards for Android – I found that only Android UI text input boxes can change the keyboard type, a GL-based application (to my knowledge) cannot change the keyboard, unless there is a hidden input keyboard – which results in a long list of terrible hacks that people have attempted to get this to work well. I gave up.

I’m open if there’s an API we can call that would let us set the desired keyboard type, but on Android (at least), it seems there’s no clear way to do it :cry: