[HTML5] Masks make webgl explode

I have found an absurd situation that causes webgl to blowup.
In the preloader I now use a basic mask (a rectangular Shape) to show an image with a tween: the animation runs and ends correctly, but as soon as the game starts and all 2D and 3D elements are initialized, more precisely when I start updating the class that handles 3D gfx, the window becomes black and I can’t see anything anymore, even if I add new elements.
It looks like the preloader mask in combination with view3D makes the webgl driver crash. It is really weird because in other (2D) layers inside the game I use masks.
If I compile the game to canvas the game starts correctly, but I obviously can’t see 3D elements.
The weirdest thing is that if I set “cacheAsBitmap” to true for the whole preloader the game starts correcly.

Any clue about the possible cause of this problem? I am using 1-2 months old libraries, but I have tried the latest libraries too, and nothing changes.

In hardware, we use a GL stencil buffer for masks, so perhaps when the 3D scene starts, it too uses the stencil buffer, and it causes an effect. Try and revert this commit, and see if it helps?

We may need to resolve this issue (which was seen in Starling) a different way

No, this doesn’t fix the problem. :pensive:

Any progress about this problem? Separate buffer for stage3d?