[HTML5 - Lime 5.6.0 - OpenFl 6.2.0] SWF resources wrong conversion

I have opened an old project and I noticed that a graphic element coming from and SWF is no more correct as it was months ago:


FLASH original MovieClip


HTML5 representation

You can notice some elements have a wrong scale: a connection is flipped, and various pipes are too long. It looks like the scale parameter has been reset. I fixed the problem by re-exporting the SWF and setting the specific elements as bitmaps, but the SWF library needs a fix, as the old version I used to test the game months ago was ok.

Any way I could get a copy to test privately?

Sent! Export the FLA to SWF and get the only linkage in it: “Pipes”.

EDIT: I have sent you 2 emails, one with the FLA and the other with the SWF, so you can see if you get differences in the export process.

This appears to be working using the latest (HTML5 and Neko)


Great! Thank you! :grinning: