[HTML5] Layer swap when adding view3D to stage

I have more layers and I am trying to hide their instantiation phase because they have different initialization times and they don’t appear all at once, so I simply cover them with a black rectangle and then apply a fade out when I’m sure everything is ready.
The problem is that as soon as I add the view3D to its layer it jumps above the black rectangle for an instant and then it goes back behind it, breaking the otherwise hidden initialization phase.

A workaround is not possible, whatever I do the view3D breaks my plans, showing up too early.

UPDATE: I tried to set view3D as invisible, add it and later setting it to visible but… as soon as I add it it is visible and the result is the same.
View3D can’t be set to invisible?!
Oh, and if I render the scene when view3D is not on Stage the application crashes.

as a quick workaround, perhaps you could set stage3D.x/y to something big, off screen?

What are you using to render the screen, when it crashes?

I can’t do it, I have assigned a background to the instance of view3d, and it can’t be moved.

I simply call “render” function of the view3d instance, do you need more details?

UPDATE: sorry, I didn’t know I could move stage3D like this :sweat_smile:

stage.stage3Ds[0].x = 2000;

I suppose stage3Ds[0] is the only one instantiated.
Doing like this doesn’t move the 3D scene, as everything appears exactly where it was before, BUT… the layer swap doesn’t happen anymore! :scream:
What the @#§ ?!

UPDATE: I obtain the exact same result by setting x = 1;

stage.stage3Ds[0].x = 1;

Maybe this operation forces some kind of update that normally is executed when adding the scene to the stage causing the glitch?

Keep the minor hack in for now, and we’ll keep testing Away3D

Ok sir Joshua! :ok_hand: