[HTML5][IPAD] First loading get me bad performance

Hi everybody,

I’m have a issue with the loading of my game.
The first time i launch it (after clear memory cache ), my fps falling to 10 and stay at this point. When i reload my page, fps mount to 50 and approach to 60 occasionally. There is a huge difference between them.

I load my game (Assets: image,fonts…) with the standard haxe preloader and i get my BitmapData and Fonts with Assets.getBitmapData(url,true), Assets.getFont(). The parameter “cache” is true.
I don’t understand where i can preload my assets directly in cache.

Thanks you for your time.

That’s strange, it shouldn’t stay low, it should preload, then should be just as fast. Are you using the OpenFL FPS counter, or another one? Any other problems?

yeah i’m using the OpenFL FPS counter.
After few test, on safari (ipad 2) at the first load, the FPS stay to 20 fps. After reload the game, it mount to 60 fps constantly. It’s every time when i clear the cache and i reload the game, the FPS is slow. But on desktop, the FPS is correct everytime.

I have the issue with the loading on mobile. My loading the first time is very slow…and sometimes is stuck in middle.

Thanks for your help.