Html5 Ios cranky slow issues

Hi -

I’ve built a football game in openfl that runs just fine on desktop & android but runs like a drunk dog on ios - particularly iPad.

I couldn’t find a fix so I did a quick port it in typescript drawing onto the canvas, but it’s got the same issue. Then I started doing to tests with Pixi.js and they run just fine but I don’t like how it handles the animation and my raw .js is terrible with all those prototypes and whatnot.

THEN I read that openfl uses a form of Pixi - which makes me think there may be some hope for me returning to the Haxe version. Is this true ? Is there something I haven’t flagged to make it run better ?

It’s all rendered using Tilesheet stuff so i thought it would fly like the wind !

ok thanks for any help - I’m just nervous because the game was made for Euro 2016 and ITS STARTED ALREADY aaaaahh !


UPDATED - Updated Haxe & it’s other bits & Recompiled with the -Dwebgl - sorted x

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Ach - I just updated to openfl 3.6.1 and now I can’t compile it anymore hoho. Any idea how to fix these beauties !?

Called from ? line 1
Called from CommandLineTools.hx line 1343
Called from CommandLineTools.hx line 25
Called from CommandLineTools.hx line 126
Called from CommandLineTools.hx line 567
Called from lime/project/PlatformTarget.hx line 70
Called from lime/tools/platforms/HTML5Platform.hx line 246
Called from lime/tools/helpers/FileHelper.hx line 375
Called from lime/tools/helpers/FileHelper.hx line 358
Called from lime/tools/helpers/FileHelper.hx line 150
Called from /usr/lib/haxe/std/haxe/Template.hx line 110
Called from /usr/lib/haxe/std/haxe/Template.hx line 366
Called from /usr/lib/haxe/std/haxe/Template.hx line 376
Uncaught exception - Cannot iter on null
Build halted with errors.

Ach - FIXED IT by updating everything. Will remove this post now if I can x