Html5 + InternetExplorer 11 = Access denied

Just tried my games on Windows8 IE11, and they didnt start.
Tried the NyanCat example, and it doesnt work either.
DisplayingABitmap does work, but there are no assets used.

The loading stops with
“Access Denied”
at “lime__$internal_backend_html5_HTML5HTTPRequest.prototype = {”
for “,uri,true);”

Anyone else with this problem?!

Is this from the local machine, or from the web?

-.- Should have tested that …
As it turns out, NyanCat does work “from web”.
And my games do work if i remove ‘library name=“default” type=“pak”’,
else it crashes on the sound files.

Hmm, I thought sounds were exempt from packed libraries on HTmL5, if not, maybe they should?

Misunderstanding - the sound files are not in the pak.
The pak loads fine and the assets are loaded, after that when it starts to load the sound files it crashes.
Still i have to run some tests to see if it is specific to wav-files,etc