HTML5 - IE11 Sound issues


I am struggling around with sounds on Internet Explorer 11 for days now and I thought maybe you guys can help me.

My game runs fine on Flash target and HTML5 in all browsers except Internet Explorer.

For testing purposes I only included the .m4a (aac) files which I want to use in IE.

With embed=“true” for sounds I get an “Invalid MIME type” error in IE and the preloader gets stuck at around 70%. Sometimes it does not even start to load, and 2 out of 100 times it worked.

What I tried is setting embed to false and load the sounds with Assets.loadSound.
Then I still get the Invalid MIME type errors.

I did already try the same with mp3 files and got the same errors.

I am using the latest versions of all libraries.

Does anyone have an idea what I am doing wrong?


Try OGG format, it seems to work on all major browsers.

I do not think that ogg works in IE.

I tried tracking the problem down and only loading a few of my m4a sounds.
Some of the sounds fail to load and some work. It seems totally random.

Maybe the bitrate differs in those m4a files?

Are you testing using the default test command (with the file server) or are you running it directly?

I am testing it with the file server which is automatically started after the build is finished.

Any news on this? I’m also having this problem - if i use embedded audio files (mp3, ogg or wav) the game will get stuck at the preloader around 70% also.

@iconic_stefan, did you manage to solve your problem?

@singmajesty, any ideas on how to get audio working?

Thanks :smile:

I just tried PlayingSound in IE11 and Edge, both worked. Perhaps you need more file formats? I recommend OGG, WAV and MP3 of each sound (same name, different extension) to handle all browsers

Really? I tried here with OGG and MP3, none worked. Using WAV for music tracks would result in very large files, but i’m gonna try too.

I’m using Haxe 3.2.0, OpenFL 3.4.0 and Lime 2.7.0 btw.

Thanks for the quick response!

@singmajesty WAV didn’t work here either - there might be something i’m missing - some library version, or configuration maybe.

Which sample did you use to test on IE 11?


openfl create PlayingSound
cd PlayingSound
openfl test html5

Nope, I did not solve it. I stopped working on the HTML5 version of my game because of this and other issues regarding performance with spine animations.

.m4a file work correct in IE11
.ogg file work correct in Chrome and Firefox
assets path=“assets/audio” rename=“audio” type=“audio” include=".m4a|.ogg" unless=“flash"
assets path=“assets/audio” rename=“audio” type=“audio” include=”*.mp3" if=“flash”


I personally force mp3 download on Preloader.hx for html5 target. It works well on all target.