[HTML5] Hiding error 404

we all know the friendly error 404, that means a resource has not been found.
My project loads a lot of “embedded” resources and a few alternative ones, -if existing-.
These alternative resources are loaded remotely, they are not embeded so the app is not aware of their existence and must try to download them: if the attempt fails the browser log returns a friendly red message

GET https:/xxxxxx/resource.xml 404 (Not Found)

and the application goes on with another attempt or getting the default resource.
Is it possible to hide the 404 error line by handling it as a predictable event or changing some setting in the project? I know it is a browser related message, but… maybe the app can warn it that everything is ok and it doesn’t need to write anything red.


I was going to tell you that it would be a huuuuge security hazard if anyone could purge chrome console and thus your request is impossible…

And then I remembered the FETCH method.

Edit: just crossed my mind, you can locally, by hand, hide the network errors in the Google console. In case that your problem is that the 404 errors make debugging harder.
It should be a checkbox near the top of the console window

I don’t want these errors to pop up in the browser console when users launch my app, because they are expected.

still, fetch does exactly what you want


I requested a file that didn’t exist, I did get a rejection on the promise but no red error of 404