HTML5 - Google Chrome on Mac only renders black text

With Openfl 8.8.0 and 8.9.1, Google Chrome for Mac only renders text in black. The doesn’t happen for Chrome for Windows or on Safari for Mac.

We have areas of our project that normally render text in white and red, but we only see black for them for Chrome on Mac.

What we see on other platforms/browsers:

What we see on Chrome for Mac:

Very strange!

Does this happen for something simple (like the “AddingText” sample)?

Can you double check what value you are using for the color? Perhaps we are not trimming the value if it is larger than 0xFFFFFF?

I followed your suggestion. It does seem that AddingText and most other fonts work as intended.

Looked into it a bit more and the problem appears to be our specific font, which is a modified version of a Google font.

Not sure why this only happens on Chrome for Mac, but I’ll mark this thread as “answered” for now.