HTML5 - global pause or set stage frameRate to 0

Hi. I want to make a global pause for rendering, when window is unfocused. With Starling, there was a possibility to stop starling.
With openfl I am trying to set stage frameRate to 0, but in fact, frameRate becomes 2 (not 0).
Are there any global work arounds?

The OpenFL renderer will swap buffers only when dirty, but will dispatch Event.ENTER_FRAME every time in order to give client code an opportunity to render if desired

Is there a way to prevent Starling from presenting?

No no. There is no starling. I just told about as an example.
I dont use starling in current project.
Currenlty I am handling pause manually: stopping all tweens, timers and swf movieclips recursevly.
Just wondering is there a way to pause everything simpler.

I think there is Actuate.pauseAll but timers is more complicated unless you use Actuate.timer

I had not thought about SWF MovieClips triggering rendering, I suppose that does not need to be rendering in the background though it will still affect code that would check numChildren or getChildByName (etc)