HTML5: Get that random query string

If I set up an assets folder using the project.xml file like
<assets path="assets/img" rename="img" />
and deploy to html5, the application will preload all the images inside that folder.
To prevent caching it appends a single unique random number to each filename like myAwesomeGraphic.png?938485

Is there a way to retrieve the value inside the template index.html file using the funky
haxe ::myVariable:: templates notation?
So far I just figured out it might be the cacheVersion function of the AssetsMacro class.


This value can be obtained by this.

Thank you rainy but unfortunately that’s not what I meant. I don’t need the value inside my code - I need it in lime’s default html5 index.html template.
For example ::APP_TITLE::

The templates are processed as part of the UPDATE step in the build but the Assets.cache.version value is set by default in a macro during the BUILD step after update is already completed

You can use -Dlime-assets-version=123 to force Assets.cache.version to a new value and ::DEFINE_LIME_ASSETS_VERSION:: in the template HTML I think