[HTML5] fullscreen problem with safari on IOS

Hi guys.

I have a problem with my Haxe/OpenFL app with ios.

On windows phone and android the fullscreen work very well, but on ios( Safari browser ) i can’t hide the bars on top and bottom on the screen( top bar with the search label and bottom bar with others options ).
There is a solution for hide the bars?


My solution is radical: ask Apple to trash that pile of smoking… trash that Safari is.

I’m not sure, if we search for general HTML5 fullscreen on iOS Safari, perhaps there’s a trick or workaround we could use, but I think Apple is sort of against good fullscreen experiences from the mobile browser

They have an interest to sabotage html5 gaming in order to maintain 30% appstore revenues, of course :slight_smile:


Same problem with any other browser on iOS, I’ve tried Firefox and Chrome, fullscreen is not working. :frowning:
P.S.: 3 years later… :slight_smile: