[HTML5][FF] IndexSizeError

i’m having a weird problem, at running the game on firefox, crashes with the following error:

IndexSizeError: Index or size is negative or greater than the allowed amount.

and make reference to this line:

	if(scrollRect == null) context.drawImage(bitmap.bitmapData.__image.get_src(),0,0); else context.drawImage(bitmap.bitmapData.__image.get_src(),scrollRect.x,scrollRect.y,scrollRect.width,scrollRect.height,scrollRect.x,scrollRect.y,scrollRect.width,scrollRect.height);

like is in JS, i can’t track it to my code to know if this is a problem of my code or if is problem of OpenFL/Lime. this doesn’t happen on chrome and i tested on FF 30.0 in linux and FF 35 in windows 7 with the same result.

i’m using the latest version of everything (OpenFL: 2.2.6, Lime: 2.1.1 and hxcpp: 3.1.68 )

any clues or help of how this can be solved?

Any simple way to reproduce this problem?

i’m gonna try to isolate the problem in a test project (if i can) from all my game code. i suppose is something related to bitmap / scroll rect so i will try to copy all the related code to test it.

Well, the smaller the better, but you could modify this method to see what input it’s receiving that’s breaking it, as well, that might help clarify what’s being sent to the browser that’s failing