HTML5 export bug in graphics.drawTriangles()?

Hi all,

I ported a very small AS3 script from the well known Zeh Fernando. It´s about Perspective Distortion of a 4 corner Plane.
It´s running as expected with the Flash Player output of OpenFL. In the browser with the HTML5 output I don´t get any error. The traces work. The distorted image simply doesn´t show up. Seems to be something wrong with the graphics class in OpenFL, especially the drawTriangles method ?

Please have a look at the Flashdevelop project file:
download file

Is this a case for a bugreport? Or am I missing something?

I love this project. Thank you very much for developing OpenFL!

Thank you for using OpenFL :smile:

It is possible that drawTriangles is not quite right here, I don’t think it’s used very often, I haven’t actually heard this issue before :smile:

Can a simple object.transform.matrix handle what you need? I suppose that does not handle perspective as well?

try to compil your project with the -Dwebgl argument.
Canvas option can’t not draw complex shapes.

Thank you for your answers.
I didn´t know about what is supported and what not. I also didn´t know that webGL is in beta and so on.
With the argument -Dwebgl I can see the HTML5 output, but it is not working very good. No antialiasing and the shown texture/image is not transformed correct.
I´ll have a look at pixi-haxe for now. Another library I didn´t used yet.